Resting Our Coffee

by Chris Edden

Let's cut to the chase, we've changed. Well, more specifically, our roasting machine has changed. With that, we're changing our recommendations.

Where we used to recommend a couple of weeks of rest before brewing our coffee, we're now recommending a four week period.

That's all you really need to know, our coffee won't be in any way harmful or bad if consumed sooner than that but that's our preference and we thought we'd let you know.

If you want the nitty gritty nerd details (the kind of stuff that Greg our roaster cares about) then read on, if not, don't bother.


Last year, after a significant wait for manufacturing and what seemed like an eternity in shipping, we took delivery of our new roaster, a Loring-S15. It's been a game-changer. Unlike traditional single-pass drum roasters, such as our old Probat, the Loring employs recirculating design that minimises the cellular damage to coffee beans during the roasting process. 

Immediately after roasting, the beans release carbon dioxide (CO2) as a natural byproduct of the chemical reactions that occur during the roast. This initial stage, known as degassing, is essential for the beans to become soluble and to allow the water to enter the structure of the grounds and extract the coffee's flavour.

The Loring's gentler roasting process creates a less structurally damaged bean, necessitating additional time for the CO2 to escape and the cup profile to fully develop. By extending the resting period to four weeks, we find a greater degree of complexity and depth in the cup, allowing our coffee to taste it's best.

Give it a go. We hope you find that the coffee was worth the wait.

Josie Coffee.

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