• Burundi - Mageyo - Washed
  • Burundi - Mageyo - Washed

Burundi - Mageyo - Washed

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Mageyo is located on a hill called Muyabara, situated in the Mubimbi commune, located north-west in Bujumbura province. The hill is surrounded by nine higher hills on which producers grow coffee. Being only 20km drive from the capital it’s one of the closer mills in the project to visit as well as one of the smallest, but what Mageyo lacks in size it makes up for in big flavours. The cup profile is intensely floral, with black tea, white peach, nectarine and red berries, and lots frequently score 87+ points.


ALTITUDE : 1485m

ORIGIN : Burundi, Bujumbura Province

VARIETAL: Red Bourbon


CUPPING NOTES: Honey, Malt, Citrus




Recommended Brewing Recipe:

  • Espresso: 20g to 48g in 28 seconds
  • V60: 20g to 340g in 3:30 minutes
  • Tricolate: 20g to 400g in 4:30 minutes