• Colombia - Finca El Paraiso - H08 Lot
  • Colombia - Finca El Paraiso - H08 Lot

Colombia - Finca El Paraiso - H08 Lot

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Diego Bermudez is one of the most exciting and innovative people in coffee processing in the world. He is pushing the boundaries of experimental processing and is producing some truly world class coffees. 
We are very fortunate to recieve these coffees and we couldn't be happier. We don't know a massive amount about exactly what processing this coffee has had, getting information from Diego can be difficult, but it seems to be a form of Anaerobic washed process, producing a super clean, creamy and juicy cup. This coffee is at a level of world competition and we are very pleased to share it with our amazing customers. 
This coffee is super limited in offering, so 250g bags only and don't wait on it!


ALTITUDE : 1900m

ORIGIN : Cauca, Colombia

VARIETAL: Castillo

PROCESSING : Innovative processing (Anaerobic washed)

NOTES: Kiwi, Mango, Vanilla



Recommended Brewing Recipe:

  • Espresso: 20g to 48g in 28 seconds
  • V60: 20g to 340g in 3:30 minutes
  • Tricolate: 20g to 400g in 4:30 minutes