• Costa Rica - Alto El Vapor - Yellow Honey
  • Costa Rica - Alto El Vapor - Yellow Honey

Costa Rica - Alto El Vapor - Yellow Honey

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Finca “Alto el Vapor” belongs to the Solis Ureña family. Maira Solis Ureña leads the operation with her three children, Delfina, Davila and Eduardo.
They all cover different aspects of the coffee business: Delfina manages operations and price negotiation, Eduardo looks after the picking and milling process, and Davila studies Bioprocess Engineering hoping to apply her academic knowledge back to their operations.

Maira has been growing coffee all her life. She and her family had been weighing the idea of starting a micro-mill and learning about coffee processing for many years, during which they had been gathering knowledge and attending workshops.
However, as the Covid pandemic hit them pretty hard during last year’s harvest, the family made the decision to take the leap and start milling their own cherries in the hope of improving their margins.


ALTITUDE : 1800-2000m

ORIGIN : Costa Rica, Tarrazú


PROCESSING : Yellow Honey

NOTES: Melon, Peach, Floral


Recommended Brewing Recipe:

  • Espresso: 20g to 48g in 28 seconds
  • V60: 20g to 340g in 3:30 minutes
  • Tricolate: 20g to 400g in 4:30 minutes