• El Salvador - Finca Himalaya - Supersonic natural
  • El Salvador - Finca Himalaya - Supersonic natural

El Salvador - Finca Himalaya - Supersonic natural

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The Supersonic project is a collaboration of knowledge and efforts by Sasa Sestic of Project Origin coffee and farmer owner, Mauricio Salaverria. Sasa & Mauricio worked very hard to create a special Natural Process profile they called ‘Supersonic’. This profile is like a “fruit bomb”, with notes of cherries, blueberries, strawberry, juicy currants, and high panela sweetness with a big creamy body. To achieve this, Mauricio uses his farming skills to select which one of his lots will be perfect for this profile. The cherries can come from one or a combination of different farms. All coffees picked on the same date are placed on African beds creating a thick layer, approximately 30cm.
For the first three days, the coffee is turned every 24 hours to reduce fermentation and after this period the coffee is spread thin to increase clarity. Once moisture levels have reached 16% the coffee is moved to a cool dark storage area for seven days, for the sugars to stabilise. Then finally the coffee is again moved to African beds for another seven days or until beans have a moisture content of 12%. It is a four week, complex process, but it is worth it for the end result.


ALTITUDE : 1500m

ORIGIN : El Salvador, Apaneca

VARIETAL: Bourbon, Pacas

PROCESSING : Supersonic natural

NOTES: milk choc, plum, dark cherry 


Recommended Brewing Recipe:

  • Espresso: 20g to 48g in 28 seconds
  • V60: 20g to 340g in 3:30 minutes
  • Tricolate: 20g to 400g in 4:30 minutes