• Ethiopia - Aleme Wako - Natural
  • Ethiopia - Aleme Wako - Natural

Ethiopia - Aleme Wako - Natural

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he culture of Gedeo, a parcel of land from family is shared with a grandson is a blessing. As a grandson, Aleme was lucky to inherit his first coffee farm of 3 hectares in size from his grandfather. His father also granted him another 3.5 hectares of land. Back in 1991, besides his income from teaching at Elementary school in Biloya town, he decided to diversify his livelihood to coffee farming and other small businesses. His main focus was on coffee farming and he has invested and put a lot of energy to increase his farm size and increase production and productivity. In doing so, he purchased additional coffee farm plots and he is currently harvesting coffee from a total of 11 hectares.

His farms are located between Biloya town and Baya village. Currently, Aleme harvests coffee from Wolisho and another two coffee berry disease resistant improved coffee varieties namely 7441 and 74158.


ALTITUDE : 1725-1780 m

ORIGIN : Ethiopia, Woreda county, Kochere district.

VARIETAL: Wolisho, 7441 and 74158


NOTES: Blueberry, Liquorice, Black Tea

Recommended Brewing Recipe:

  • Espresso: 20g to 48g in 28 seconds
  • V60: 20g to 340g in 3:30 minutes
  • Tricolate: 20g to 400g in 4:30 minutes