• Kenya - Kangunu AA - Washed
  • Kenya - Kangunu AA - Washed

Kenya - Kangunu AA - Washed

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It's no secret that we love Kenyan coffees at Josie. The Kangunu Co-op produces a classic of the genre and when this years lot passed our cupping table we were thrilled to purchase it.

With delicious ripe stone fruit character and soft floral aroma, a pleasant overall cup character and well integrated acidity; this truly is a remarkable coffee.

From a relatively typical structure of Kenyan Co-op, many smallholders bring their coffee to the mill at Kangunu for processing each year. They're paid for their crop and the mill provides access to financing to supporting farmers needs such as schooling, farm inputs and emergency funds.

We hope you enjoy this coffee like we do.


ORIGIN : Kenya -  Embu District

VARIETAL: Ruiru 11/SL28/Batian


ALTITUDE : 1600masl

CUPPING NOTES: Stone Fruit/Honey/Floral