• Peru - Efrain Carhuallocllo - Geisha - Washed Process
  • Peru - Efrain Carhuallocllo - Geisha - Washed Process

Peru - Efrain Carhuallocllo - Geisha - Washed Process

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This new washed Geisha from Peru is sure to impress. The Farmer, Efrain Carhuallocllo is previous Cup of Excellence Winner, so he has some serious Pedigree for his farming!

250g bags only for this bad boy! 


Efrain’s farm is located right outside of the village of El Corazón, in Northwest Peru. The farm, which he started in 2005, is filled with mostly Yellow Caturra variety outside of his prize winning Geisha.


All his coffee is carefully harvested, processed, and dried right outside his family home In 2005 he bought a plot of land in the upper part of the village, the heart of Chirinos. Efrain began installing half a hectare of coffee of the caturra variety. In 2007 he installed another half hectare more of the same variety and in 2009 installed another hectare more, counting at present with 2 hectares of coffee in production. The plot is named Cerro (Cerro means mountain), because it is located in an area where there are many natural forests.


The organization Cenfrocafe has been part of this history since 2007 as it began to provide training and technical assistance and discovered that El ECerro had great potential for specialty coffees. The support of the organization has allowed him to always be in the top positions in internal competitions organized by Cenfrocafe. Efrain is a past COE (Cup of Excellence) winner. In 2017 Efrain's coffee scored a whopping 90.61 COE score! Link here: https://cupofexcellence.org/directory/90-61/


Yulisa Carhuallocllo is Efrain's daughter. She helps him with cupping his coffees, running a moisture meter etc. She is an integral part to his success.


Origin: Peru
Region: Cajamarca
Farm Name: El Cerro
Alt: 1900m
Process: Washed
Varietal: Geisha 

Notes: Cola, Peach, Juicy