• Rwanda - Macuba - Washed Process
  • Rwanda - Macuba - Washed Process

Rwanda - Macuba - Washed Process

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Coffee info:

Macuba washing station lies in the high-altitude hills of the Nyamasheke District. The station, which sits at 1,685 meters above sea level, receives coffee grown as high as 2,100 meters above sea level. The warm days and cool nights afforded by such high altitude helps cherry mature slowly and amass more sugars. The prime location is combined with exceptional agricultural practices, allowing Macuba to produce some of the best coffee in Rwanda. 


ALTITUDE : 1650m (washing station alt, some cherries from up to 2100m)

ORIGIN : Macuba, Nyamasheke, Rwanda

VARIETAL: Bourbon, Jackson


CUPPING NOTES: Stone Fruit, Maple Syrup, Toffee