• Uptown Funk Pod Refill

Uptown Funk Pod Refill

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Uptown Funk breaks from tradition and serves as our introduction to the Josie Coffee style.

In Uptown Funk we combine the success of our Smooth Criminal blend with a high quality natural process Ethiopian. This small change of ingredients yields a large change in the cup.

The fruity, high acidity Tore Badiya modernises the blend and delivers a higher intensity with milk and a more complex cup when black. Our Indian and Colombian washed process coffees play complimentary roles here, providing the structure and sweetness the washed process is known for.

Origins: India Riverdale Estate - Washed Process, Colombia - Gaitania Asepropaz - Washed Process & Ethiopia Tore Badiya - Natural


NOTE: This coffee comes ground specifically for your pods, if you have a grinder and would prefer to grind your own beans, please click here.