Best coffee shops in Newcastle

by Greg Watkinson

Welcome to our backyard; Newcastle’s coffee scene is on the rise. Becoming more sophisticated every day, Newcastle’s love of specialty coffee is understandable. Sun, sand and watching the swell off an East Coast Low with a cup in hand; what could be better?


Since the options for coffee in Newcastle are abundant and growing we thought we’d shortlist some of our favourites. Below you’ll find by no means a comprehensible list, but it's a start. Our Gateshead Bar and Mayfield cafes are, of course, omitted.

The Kiosk - Shortland Esp, Newcastle Beach.

Arguably the greatest location in Newcastle, slap bang in the middle of the beach bearing the city’s name, there’s no surprise that The Kiosk is a busy cafe. From grabbing an early morning coffee, before the heat picks up in summertime; to cold blustery days watching the winter swell, mug in hand, The Kiosk has elevated the experience of Newcastle Beach significantly since it replaced the rundown fish and chip shop that previously occupied the site. Serving Byron’s Marvell Street Coffee Roasters and having gone through many iterations of equipment and bar layout, Luke and the team have done a great job in refining their delivery of a delicious and quick coffee, with a simple but immaculate menu that ticks all the right boxes.

Mr Sister - East End Village - Main Rd, Speers Point

Perhaps Newcastle’s best known coffee bar, owing to a number of factors. Firstly, owners Garth and Bec have been in the Newcastle coffee scene forever, pioneering the move to specialty coffee in the city. Secondly, as anyone from Newcastle can tell you, the original Mr Sister site was slap bang in the middle of Westfield, Kotara. Having outgrown the confines of the shopping centre, they’ve opened two new locations.

The first is in Speers Point, bringing high quality coffee to a Lake Mac neighbourhood that has been sorely lacking a great local cafe. It’s an awesome spot to grab a cup before heading over to the park with the kids, speaking from experience.

The second location is within the new East End development. Back into familiar territory, mere metres from the location of their first ever cafe, but bringing a lick of class and finesse that The Mall hasn’t seen until now. Both shops serve Coffee Supreme’s Five Star Day in espresso based drinks and rotate roasters through the single origin offerings, a win as far as we’re concerned. Due to their massive popularity, you can expect to fight through the crowds at both of their stores.

New Nero - Harrison St, Cardiff

Lesser known but no less respected. Josie Coffee has the great privilege of wholesale supplying one of Lake Macquarie’s most treasured coffee spots. Lee’s excellent work as not only a barista but moreover, owner and operator, has led to success in a site that most people would call impossible. Set back from Harrison St’s main frontage, in the smallest possible space, New Nero delivers great coffee and even better customer service. Working at breakneck pace and serving a massive quantity of customers for a one man show, Lee has earned himself a reputation to be proud of.

Serving our most popular blend, Smooth Criminal, paired with Dubbo’s Little Big Dairy milk and a rotation of our single origins as both espresso and filter. Lee’s brewing is easily amongst the best in the Newcastle region and his latte art may well be top. New Nero definitely punches above its weight for size and location.

Frothers Espresso - Glebe Road, Merewether

Now a cult icon and staple of the Newcastle coffee community, Frothers is a must visit for any serious coffee enthusiast in the area. Serving a diverse selection of some of the best roasteries across the country, from Wood and Co to Single O, owner Nathaniel and the team have built a following of equally diverse customers. Turning a busy roadside location into a relaxed and informal hang out is no mean feat but Frothers has done just that. Being one of the few Newcastle Coffee Shops to really highlight pour over brewing as a means to diversify one’s tasting options puts them in a category of service that’s equally admirable and enjoyable. We’ve had the great pleasure of drinking a vast array of different coffees here over the years and we look forward to continuing that tradition for the future. Nathaniel’s ‘Colour Dot’ micro roastery goes from strength to strength and gives extra flex to the credibility of this site.

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