Coffee Subscriptions

Want your coffee cheaper and delivered regularly without having to log on and make an order? If the answer is yes to either of these, you need to get amongst our new subscription service on our website. It’s crazy simple, just go to our website and order your Uptown Funk, Smooth Criminal or decaf as you normally do, but look out for the “subscribe and save area”. Simply add your desired delivery interval and you are good to go! No more having to log on and order coffee or run out when you forget to order! If you want to do this subscription for our single origins, have a read below!

 Our subscription offers a heap of flexibility for pausing subscriptions for going away on holidays, changing your bean type or even the ability to cancel at any time!



 To sign up to the Single O subscription, simply select the product “Recurring Single Origin Subscription” on our webstore or click here. Once here, just select your bag size, grind setting and your delivery interval!

 For this subscription, we will send you one of our current weekly Single Origin's which we have on offer and give you a discount on your first order just for signing up!  We are changing our single up almost every week, so you should generally be getting a new coffee each time your coffee order comes through. We constantly rotate our Single Origins on the website, so the same coffee may come back in to rotation, but we will do our best to send you a different coffee each order!

 The coffees in our Single Origin subscription lineup will always be great coffees that we have carefully sourced and selected the finest seasonal coffees on offer. Our sourcing criteria is to find coffees that are clean, sweet and have interesting characteristics that we know our customers will enjoy! We have relationships with numerous quality focused suppliers to ensure that we have access to some killer coffees, all year round. 

 By signing up to our Single Origin subscription, you will get the benefit of a fixed price for all Single Origin coffees, regardless of what price it may be on our web store, the pricing for subscription users will remain fixed at the subscription prices.



To set up our gift subscription, simply find the product named "Pre Paid Gift Subscription" in our product list and all the info is there, easy!



How do I manage my subscription?

Easy done. Simply head over to the left of our website homepage and log in to your account, whilst here, click on 'Manage my subscription'. From here you can update all of the required details like address changes, pause a subscription, update payment details and heaps more. If you have any issues with your subscription, shoot us an email to and we will sort you out pronto!


Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at any time, just follow the instructions above for managing your subscription and follow the process. If it's simply a matter of taking a break, just pause as many shipments as needed!


Can I change my subscription size or bean type?

Sure! Follow the instructions above for managing my subscription and choose whatever you need!