• India - Riverdale Estate - Red Fruit Natural Process
  • India - Riverdale Estate - Red Fruit Natural Process

India - Riverdale Estate - Red Fruit Natural Process

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Riverdale Estate , undoubtedly the farm in which we resonate most with as a business. We have been buying from Riverdale since 2017 and have a strong connection with the farm and the Riverdale Team. We have visited twice and can't wait to get back to do more!  


Red Fruit is a long term coffee for us, it is one of the Anerobic Natural Coffees that the Riverdale are famous for. The cherries are meticulously selected, sorted and prepared before undergoing Anaerobic fermentation with forumlated yeasts.

Following this, the cherry is washed and then dried on raised beds for approximately 25 days, being turned and meticulously cared for throughout the process. The end result is an incredibly juicy, boozy and sweet cup, they are some of our favourite naturals we purchase all year. 


Riverdale Estate is a 100% specialty coffee farm located in Shevaroy Hills, in the Yercaud Area of Tamil Nadu in Southern India. Chris was fortunate enough to spend a week at the farm in 2018 and Greg in 2019, both witnessing the passion and hard work that goes into this farm at every step. All of the coffees are picked by hand to ensure absolute cherry ripeness and are floated two to three times in float tanks, ensuring all floaters are removed, to have a very consistent density of coffees and remove defects. These coffees have been cared for meticulously throughout the growing, picking and processing processes, and the result shows in the cup!  

ALTITUDE : 1450-1600m

ORIGIN : Riverdale Estate, Shevaroy Hills, Yercaud, India

VARIETAL: Selection 9 and Selection 5B

PROCESSING : Natural, Red fruit ferment

CUPPING NOTES: Red Apple, Juicy, Tropical Fruit